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Lys Haut Layon with 8084 inhabitants is a new municipality (2016) with a total of 9 incorporated municipalities :

La Fosse de Tigné :  a charming wine-growing municipality.

les Cerqueux sous Passavant :  with its library and private school regrouped with  Clèré sur Layon.

Nueil sur layon : with two schools : a public school Notre Dame and  the state school Jean de La Fontaine , a nursery, shops, artisans, a  sports complex alongside the Layon river and its heritage.

Trémont : one private school, one restaurant and companies.

Tigné : two schools ( 1 public / 1 state) regrouped with Cernusson ; shops, artisans and its heritage.

Le Voide : a municipality formerly  incorporated with Vihiers, with a private school and  an artist’ochamp festival.

Saint Hilaire du Bois : a municipality formerly  incorporated with Vihiers, with the Notre Dame private school, the Domino sports complex, a youth center and  an artisan zone.

Tancoigné : 

Vihiers : main municipality in Lys Haut Layon with: the St Jean public school and Camille  Claudel state school, the Lys valley, one nursery, industries, shops, artisans,  La Loge and Les Courtils sports centers,  the health center and the hospital... 

All our associated municipalities have a mairie you can go to for your administrative needs. You can also click on this link for on-line procedures.

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The Lys Haut Layon inhabitants have access to many facilities :

  • cinema
  • swimming pool
  • Sports centers
  • libraries
  • Industrial estates (one of which is Anjou Actiparc) 
  • health complex
  • A local hospital
  • many EHPAD (care homes for dependent elderly people)
  • curricular and extra-curricular establishments spread out over the whole local area
  • a network of childminders
  • many shops
  • a weekly market
  • more than 90 social, cultural and sports associations
  • a tourist office.

For accommodation : Where to stay OT-Cholet

... and many other services and facilities you are invited to discover on this site with specific information on the interactive map.


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